characters (in alphabetical order):

Green Goblin

specifically the one from spectacular spiderman,, since thats the show i grew up with.
he was my favorite when i was 5 and still is now !!! ∩( ´∀` )∩ i think hes goofy and smart and
an overall enjoyable version of the character !!

Henchman 24 and Henchman 21

henchman 24 is my favorite out of the 2, but i have some henchman 21 pictures i like too !!
even tho 24 is only alive till the end of season 3,, hes still my favorite character. luckily he does show up occasionally as a ghost seen by 21 later in the show, i still personally think it's his ghost
and not jus a hallucination. i also headcanon him as autistic and bi (*´∪`)


hes been my crush since i was 4 ok. its been That long. saw him first in the 1986 movie and LOVED him since.
my favorite version of him is the tfp one, despite growing up w the tfa series. he is so fuckin COOL !!!!!! awkward but cool (=´∇`=)